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OMG I completely forgot all about livejournal!! Due to my crazy hectic life and schedules...I've been pretty much without time for the internet lately. However, today is a lazy day and I felt like cuddling up with the old laptop ;) I was going through my folder of favorites and saw lj and realized I had completely forgotten, sad isn't it? But I figured hey, here's a way to update about my Friday night...and you know, my life...

Life has been crazy what with working two jobs and moving and just wanting to be constantly doing something. Friday night, Britty and I went to a party where we ended up leaving with six guys and two girls...need I say more? Really!! We went to the home of one of the guys and his girlfriend. I think everyone was undressing before they even got out of the car!! Everyone was so horny. Make out sessions, boob grabs, cock rubs....fun car ride! Anyway so we get inside and into their living room and everyone is pretty much naked. I had my eye on this one girl, Monica and couldn't wait to just fucking go down her!!! However, I was unaware that plans were already made for me!! I'm not even sure as to how it all happened but I ended up lying on some guy with his cock in my ass and some guy on top of me fucking my pussy. All four of the other guys just stood around watching for a while. Then...Monica...mmm. She came over and started pretty much making out with my titties. Then the next thing I knew, guys were sticking their cocks in my mouth left and right!! I'd just be getting a good rythmn going and he would take his cock out and slap my face with it and soon my mouth would be filled with a different cock. It was feeling so great and then Britt managed to get down and start licking my clit. HOLY FUCKING JESUS HELL!!! Cock in my ass, cock in my pussy, cocks taking turns in my mouth, super hot Monica licking my tits and my lovely Britty swirling that long tongue of hers over my clit!! The other girl, I think her name was Sarah maybe? She was shy...just kind of stayed back watching for a while. I found out she was the girl that lived there and her boyfriend was in my ass. Hehe ;) I think it was like...she had agreed to this but didn't know what she was getting into. After a while though, it must've gotten her hot because I looked over and she was watching her boyfriend in my ass and rubbing herself to it. Eventually, the guy on top of me pulled out and came on my face (which Britty licked up happily.) The guy in my ass though, he could've went all night! He rolled me over and fucked me like a dog and soooo good. When he pulled out of my ass, I was ready to cry! He must've really liked me because I seemed to be his only one of interest a lot! He asked me (whispered in my ear) to ride him and I did quite willingly!! His cock felt amazing inside me, OMG. He turned his head and looked at his girlfriend and mouthed "Come here baby" and it was sooo cute!! I want a boyfriend like that! Hehe. So she came over and he lifted her on top of his face and enjoyed eating her pussy while I fucked him. She was facing me and when her eyes weren't closed, she was staring at my tits. I grabbed her hands and put them on them. She was kind of scared, she had definitely never been with a girl before. I made out with her and we both moaned (me from his cock, her from his tongue.) We were being watched, it felt so good. I couldn't cum yet...and it was making me so frustrated!! Eventually, I stopped riding him and let him go at it with his girlfriend. I watched people and fingered myself for a bit and then Monica came over. I was sitting against a wall on the floor and without saying anything, she comes over to me, lies down on the floor and spreads my legs a little. I coudln't even believe it. She licked my thighs and my clit just ached and ached until eventually, slowly..EVER SO FUCKING SLOWLY her tongue found my clit. She licked and sucked and swirled and bit and everything you could ever want down there. She ate my pussy better than anyone ever had. I felt her hand down there so I lifted myself up a bit. She was licking and sucking and now her finger was going into my ass. I came on her face. Fucking amazing. I watched as Britty cleaned Monicas face clean and sat there trying to catch my breath. Holy shit, what just happened!! One of the guys who had only just got his cock sucked a little by me...came over then. He asked me to get up and had be bend over the couch. He spread my cheeks a little and I felt his spit in my crack, followed my his hand rubbing it all over my crack, just lightly rubbing over my hole. I heard a sound come out of his mouth and the next thing I knew, his cock was inserting into my ass! My ass was getting a lot of attention and I was loving it!! Monica apparently wanted more and came over and got underneath me, working that same magic she had just worked on my pussy!! Without thinking I stated "I need more!" Sarah's boyfriend came over and sat down on the couch infront of me...his cock re-hardening. I licked it starting at the balls. A quiet little moan came out of his mouth. That was it, I had to fucking suck that thing good! Up and down and up and down, he had such a smooth cock!! Monica moved and came over, we fought over his cock, kissing each other as we did. After wondering was his girlfriend was, I looked around and found her being fucked and sucking. Good for her!! The rest is a little blurry, my holes were fucked good. I can't wait to do it again! I haven't had anything since. (Two days is a longgg time!!) Just a little bit of kissing with Britty. She's coming over tonight though and we're going to shave pussies. I'm pretty damn sure that'll end up with something good ;) I might invite over a guy though, I want some cock!!

Wow, just thinking about this again...if I were wearing panties, they'd need to be changed...I really don't know if I should masturbate though...I should save it for tonight...but I'm so horny!! and wettttttttt!! Oh fuck me!!

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However, I am putting my Sunday night aside to finish the last entry and to write a whole new one ;)

I have to go right now though, girl's night. I just wanted to get on to let you know it will get finished and that I'm sorry I've been so busy lately!
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Last night I was definitely welcomed back to my old life-style. When I got to the party, there was already lots of people there which was great because I hate being one of the first to arrive, it's so awkward. There was major drama going on when I got there. Apparently some guy was getting pretty close with another girl or something, I don't know, lots of jealousy so that was entertaining, hehe. After finding some drinks, me and Britt started scoping for victims. I had my eye on this guy for half the night who seemed to have his placed firmly on me as well. We started chatting and I found out he knew Kev which turned me on because I love making that dipshit angry. So I started with the flirty stuff and eventually I just went for his cock. Haha, by this I mean I just put my hand on his jeans over it. He was all surprised since we were in the middle of a huge crowd, it was so cute. People were staring and I was whispering in/licking his ear and I could feel his heart beating. He was so scared that it was just turning me on more and more. We moved over to a chair and I sat on his lap and we started making out. I could feel how hard his cock was under my skirt but he was quite clear about how scared he was to do anything with this many people around. Usually it's the girls that feel this but I wanted him so I'd do whatever I could to get him. So we made our way outside past groups of people and into a nice clearing on the ground. He took off his sweatshirt and I sat on it. We made out and touched but I could see his bulge under his jeans and it was driving me crazy. Finally, with or without his aprroval, I removed his pants and his cock practically jumped out of his boxers. I began rubbing it and he tilted his head back and moaned as soon as I wrapped my lips around it. His cock felt so good and I was happy to see that he was a shaver. After a while I whispered to him not to be afraid and to not care if other people saw. "Let them be jealous." As soon as that line had escaped my lips, he was pulling my tanktop up over my head. It wasn't exactly 90 degrees out and his freezing hands felt so good on my nipples. He sucked at them and bit them and I could feel eyes on us. I don't mind a crowd so I didn't stifle my moans in the least bit. I layed him down and sat on his face. (I'm known to not wear panties, sorry.) I let him lick at my clit for a little while before bending down and taking his cock in my mouth. This is one of my favorite things in the world. I could hear my name being screamed and I knew it wasn't by this guy. A familar voice, Britt. Her voice was getting louder and closer. I couldn't wait for her to get there. When she did, I wasn't surprised to see she was obviously enjoying the show. She kneeled down and started licking at my ass. I rolled off the guy (Mike was his name) to see the look on his face. He just sorta looked from me to Britt and back to me again. I smiled at him and Britt and I both went for his cock. I've always loved sharing a guys penis with another girl. I think if I were a guy, that two tongues on my cock would feel great. Hehe. Anyway......she started to blow him and I managed to get her shirt and bra off. I grabbed Mikes hand and put it on one of her tits and I started licking at the other. He was moaning and seemed to really be enjoying himself. I knelt down and asked him how he felt about fucking my ass...

and I have to stop it here, more in a few days! hehe!
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Im sorry ive been neglecting you! I was involved in a bit of a relationship with a guy. Well, what I thought was a relationship-he thought of it more as a fling. Jerk. I had been spending all of my time with him, pushing my good friends to the back burner and all. I've never done that before and I feel awful for it. I neglected my friends, my family, my livejournal, my parties, my crazy life, everything! No wonder why I don't do good in relationships. No wonder I stick to having fun, having sex, doing what I want. You learn from your mistakes though I guess. I even got fired from my job! Luckily, I had a backup job as a bartender so it's all good. The bar scene is about 110% better than the coffee shop scene anyway, hehe!

I do sorta miss that jerk though. Miss him for the sex we had. He was just so...I don't know, I got to take control and I loved it ;) Oh well,n ow I just have to find another boy to control! Hehehe!

But anyway, we broke it off two days ago because aparently, I was too clingy and stuff like that. Once again, I've never really been that way so i couldn't believe it when he accused me of it. I was seriously just shocked! We broke it off on Tuesday and that night I had a big girl's night to welcome me back into the life I missed out on while I was with him. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Worst hangover ever. But it was so worth it. Party on Friday. Can't wait to hook up with some hot men. Or maybe some sexy ladies. I don't care, I just need some anal playage :) This party is going to be great. It's at my friend Ben's camp and his parties are always HUGE. He's got a halfass stripper pole too. When I say halfass, I mean he tried to make it because he wanted to get girls drunk at his parties and see some boobies. HAHAHA.

Next week I PROMISE to write you sex stories of this weekend because I miss letting you guys in on what's happening with my pussy ;)

But right now, it's time for sleeeeeep :)

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First off, SORRY I'VE BEEN GONE SO LONG!!! I've been super mega ultra busy!!

I promise to keep up more but for now, here's a survey I did!!!

SexyCollapse )

I'm going to go take a bath and masturbate now. As much as I love masturbating, I always feel like I suck and don't have someone that would want to help me :(
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Sorry, no sex to write about today. So I'll put my boring non-sex life stuff behind one of those nifty cuts.

unbelievableCollapse )

Don't worry though, I'll have some stories this week!! <3

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I made my Britty an lj. Add her!!! Her name is: brittybaby4u

I'd love to update about last night but we're having a party at Brittany's tonight and we have to get readyyy
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I found a sex survey in a certain someones journal!! My turn and then I'm off for the night.


Name: Mel

Gender/Orientation: Female/Bisexual I guess...but I don't know if I could have a relationship with a female.

Age: Twenty

Height: I'm actually not sure. I think around 5'4" maybe

Weight: 110 :(

Hair Colour: Blonde. And yes, it's real! :P

Tattoos: Just one on my foot.

Piercings: Ears, nose and nipples!! I'm going to get my tongue I think! Hehe.

Shaved: Of course

Masturbate: All the time!


Men or Women: Both, I usually have my girls more because they're my friends so it's like...anytime

Vibe or Dildo: That's really a tough question. Vibe prolly

Favourite Sexual Position: Doggy

Favourite Masturbation Technique: I've been playing with my ass a lot lately...

Vaginal or Anal: Oh, don't make me choose!

Spit or Swallow: Swallow for sure!

Sexual Ambition: ?

Porn: Sure, why not?! ;)

Favourite Part of A Female: Hmm...ass I think. No tits. I don't know!!

Favourite Part of A Male: COCK

Famous Female You Would Most Like To Have Sex With: Oh wow...um...

Famous Male You Would Most Like To Have Sex With: Adrien Brody maybe. JOHNNY DEPP YES


Had Oral Sex: Of course

Had Anal Sex: Yessssssss

Used More Than 3 Positions In One Session: Yes

Devoted A Whole Day To Sex: Yes

Had Noise Complaints From Neighbours During A Sex Session: Yes

Had Sex Whilst Totally Dressed: No

Had Sex Whilst Standing Up: Yes

Received Open Praise For Sexual Technique: Yes

Had A Menage-a-Trois: Yes

Had Group Sex (More Than 3): Yes

Participated In A Swap/Swinging Club: No

Had Sex In A Public Place: Yes

Had Cyber Sex: No. Except like in 5th grade in a chat. Haha.

Had An Orgasm During Cyber Sex: ....

Had Sex With An LJ User: No

If Yes Would You Do It Again: ....

Are You A Member Of The Mile High Club: No

Had Sex In The Host’s Bedroom While An Overnight Guest: Sure....

Had Sex At Your Office Or Other Work Area: Mmmhmm ;)

Had Sex During A 'Monthly Visit': Yeah :(

Had Sex In The Water: Yes

Obtained Money Or A Favour For Sex: HAHAHAHA. He slipped money on the dresser before he left but it was because he owed me but it was really funny!!!

Given Sex In Sympathy: Sadly, yes.

Had Sex In A Cemetery: Near one

Most Embarrassing Sexual Moment: Hm...

Best Sexual Moment: My first time with boy a guy and girl.

Do You Believe In Female Ejaculation: Yes

Written An Erotic Story: Yes

Looked At A Nude/Explicit Magazine: Yes

Seen A Live Stripper: Yes and I'm jealous!

Stripped For Someone: Yes

Watched A Porn Film With A Sexual Partner: Yes

Been Photographed In The Nude: I don't think so

Been Videotaped Having Sex: Not that I know of!!! Creepy if it had happened, haha.


Erotically Licked Feet Or Sucked Toes: I like when my feet are touched. I hate feet but during a sexual time...

Used Whipped Cream/Chocolate Erotically: Yes

Used Hot Melted Wax Erotically: No

Used Ice Erotically: Yes

Role-played A Sexual Situation: Yes

Used A Blindfold During Sex: Yes

Used Handcuffs During Sex: Yes

Used Whip, Chains, Cat O’ Nine Tails etc During Sex: Yes

Received An Electric Shock During Sex: No

Inflicted/Received Pain During Sex: Yes

Worn A Corset: Yes

Worshipped Boots: No

Been Gagged: Yes

Been Cut: No
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Wow, this weight issue came up and made me start thinking about Kevin. It sucks to think of exes. And because I know pretty much no one on my friends list is here to hear my sob story of an old loved one, I'll cut it.

Kevin....Collapse )

Okay, so I won't cut the infamous night with Kat!!!

We didn't want to get too into it before her boy got there! So....when he opened the door, me and Kat were under the blanket just making out naked. Of course, he didn't know what was going on other than there were two people under his girlfriend's blanket and she was giggling. I heard a "What the..." and as if on cue, me and her popped out from underneath. His jaw dropped!! It was soo cute! That's when he finally noticed there were two other girls in the room. Trace and Britt were were in the corner of the room making out but still in their bras and thongs (keep his attention on his girl!) I mean, who wants to arrange something like this for their boyfriend and and have him like another girl better! Kat giggled a very school-girl giggle and got up while saying something like "Hi honey." He tried to say hi but she had walked over to him and started to kiss him. By his face, I had determined the boy hadn't even seen her naked yet!! While they stood there kissing, Trace and Britt had came and sat on the bed. We didn't do anything because once again, keep most of his attention on his girl! She started to take off his clothes and I could tell he was just still so in shock! When she got him down to his boxers, she led him to the bed. She introduced us to him as her "friends." She than asked him what he wanted to happen. He was so cute all stuttering!! He then sat back a little and watched his girlfriend kiss multiple girls. He was so in shock still that he couldn't tell us what he wanted. So me and Trace each let our tongues find Kat's nipples while she kissed Britt. Once in a while he would whisper something along the lines of "Oh god.." Looking at his cock, I imagined it was just aching for some sort of attention. I winked at Kat and she adjusted, reached out her arm until she found his extremely hard cock and slowly stroked. As she did this, she continued to kiss Britt. I watched his eyes roll back into his head! Eventually, Kat got the courage to try sucking a real cock for the first time in her life. After giving me the permission (a wink) I took his cock into my hand and showed her how it was done. All he could do was stare down as his girlfriend got a head lesson using his cock. All of us could sense that he was still...you know, he didn't want to hurt her or anything...so Kat told him to not worry about anything. This was his day and he could do what he wanted and she wouldn't feel hurt or anything. This is when he loosened up. I sat on the floor and sucked his cock while he started making out with Kat and girls he had never met. The way he held the back of my head made me so horny. I mean, a lot of guys had held my head as I sucked them but the way he did it, it was so...demanding but like caring at the same time! I felt a jerk and looked up. Kat had pushed him on his back and was now moving to sit on his face. As she did this, I stopped sucking his cock. I held it and stroked it a bit as Trace and Britt came over. The three of us took turns sucking and licking his cock. I could hear muffled moans coming from under Kat's pussy. Now I don't know if you know this about me, but when I hear a muffled moan......anyway...I reached over for the closest anything. I found a pussy and started rubbing the clit. I could tell by the feel that it was Trace's. Her cute little moan gave it away of course too! Hehe! Kat got off his face, kissed him and said something along the lines of "Baby, I'm ready. I'm ready for you to fuck me!" He looked at her, she noded. The three of us moved from his cock so the two could go at it. She layed down on the bed on her back. He got over her, looked down and smiled. She told him to take it slow and I could not believe how carefully and slowly he went. I watched as the tip of his cock dissapeared inside her. She gasped and moaned and her face...the face of first timer! They took it slow for a while as me, Trace and Britt fingered at eachothers goods. Britt was kneeling and I couldn't help but get under her. (The three of us on the floor still.) I licked at her pussy as Trace took turns making out with her and her tits. The two on the bed (hehe, I act like they're strangers in the same room!) picked up the pace and Kat seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit. Britt stood up (to my dissapointment of course!) and walked over to the bed. She first started to kiss Kat and kiss her neck. Then she started to lick her nipple and Trace went over to the other side of the bed and took care of the other. I sat on the bed and watched and fingered myself and kissed Brad (her boyfriend obviously.) He is a pretty damn good kisser. After a bit of that, (I couldn't believe what happened next!) Kat told Brad that it was okay if he wanted to fuck her friends. I had figured his penis would only be in our hands and mouths and only her pussy! He looked at her and she nodded. I kissed him again as if to ask him to fuck me. I turned around and got on all fours. I twitched back a bit when I felt his rough fingers meet my wet pussy. I moaned as I felt his fingers rub up and down, up and down, up and IN!! He fingered me for a while and I think Kat was sucking his cock for a bit. Then either she stopped or he made her and all of a sudden, a rock hard cock was filling me. He pumped good and strong. Slow and long. Kat knew he was loosening up quite a bit and asked what she should do. He asked her to lay down and have someone lick the shit out of her cunt. The way he said it, oooh those words have been ringing in my head since! I looked over and Trace had her face burried inbetween Kat's legs. He then pointed to Britt and said "Sit on my girlfriend's face." She obeyed and he watched the three of them as he pumped harder and harder inside of me. I then felt him grab his cock. Once again, I got another surprise as he guided his cock into my asshole. I squealed a "yes!" and started to finger at my clit! He asked Britt to get off Kat's face and brought her to him. He kissed her and as he started to fool with her titties, I could tell he had forgotten about me. So I guided myself back and forth up and down his cock. He groaned and sat back a little and let me do my thing. Once I started to get louder and louder, he knew I was going to let it all out so he ordered his girlfriend under me and I squirted all over her face. He watched as the other girls greedily licked it off her. I couldn't believe this guy hadn't shot his own load yet. He definitely knew what he was doing. I wonder how many people he has slept with. After that, he wanted a new body to try out. Britt was his next victim but Britt made him lie on his back. You see, when it comes to sex, Britt is like an A+ student on the top. As she fucked him, Kat licked at his balls and her ass. Trace bent over and made out with him while I fingered her sweet ass. After a bit, I pulled her asscheeks apart and starated to lick at her opening. She immedietly stopped kissing Brad, made me bend over a chair and spanked me a couple times until I was red and screaming out with both pain and pleasure. Kat came over and asked me how my ass was and started kissing it, then licking, then her tongue was soon searching for my asshole. I started to massage one of my tits while she fucked my asshole with her tongue. I'm not sure who he was talking to but I heard Brad say something like "Look at my slutty girlfriend!" At this, Kat turned around and asked him "What did you call me? Did you call me a fucking slut?" with this, she practically pushed Britt off of her man, climbed on top, and straddled him. He couldn't believe his shy girlfriend who had never even sucked his cock was now riding him like it was the last day of her life. It didn't take long and soon I heard "Ohhh shitt" and she got off him just in time. He came all over her tits and as he layed their panting, we licked his sweet cum off her beautiful body.

It didn't end here but Britty just got here and we're off to...do some things and probably make her her very own livejournal!

I'm sorry my writing is off but it's so hard when you're still kind of living it and everything. Of course I can't remember everything so bare with me!!

More soon, I promise!!

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